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Cost Effective and Simple Pricing
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Machine Translation Post-editing
  • Advanced MT engine
  • Professional Native linguist
  • Dedicated contact
  • Quality assurance
  • Quick turnaround

Available for All Languages

This is the suitable option if you have large amounts of text but very short deadlines. Our team uses advanced Machine Translation technology for relevant MT output, which is later edited by our professional linguists to ensure the accuracy and fluency of the text. Your right choice if you have content with low market visibility, repetitive technical content, user-generated content, internal documentation, and content with a short life span. See more
Human Translation
  • Professional native linguist
  • Quality Assurance
  • High accuracy
  • Quick confirmation

Available for All Languages

If you are looking for accurate human quality within budget this is your option. We analyze the content type to select the right linguists with necessary industry related experience for the best results. Suitable for texts of general nature that require the natural flow and authenticity of the human language: general website content, white papers, blogs, user guides, product and service descriptions, etc. See more
Translation PRO
  • Dedicated translator and editor
  • Dedicated contact
  • Quality assurance
  • Glossary and Term management

Available for All Languages

For the most accurate results we offer Transation PRO package, combining the best industry practices in Translation Quality Management. This includes the 4-eye principle involving a specialized translator and a proofreader in the process. Additionally, the QA specialist will guarantee the compliance of the final document with your requirements, to provide the translations in a clean layout. This package is most suitable for specialized texts with heavy terminology that require high accuracy, such as Pharmaceutical Research, UI content, Technical, and Legal documents, or high-visibility Marketing Content. See more
Translation PROMPT
  • Priority confirmation within 30 minutes
  • Dedicated contact
  • Approved linguists
  • Integrated translation process

Available for Key Languages

If your team is developing a product and you require multilingual content on a daily basis this is our solution for you. Rapid deliveries with high quality by the dedicated team of Therefore PRO linguists. We understand the importance of the deadlines when it comes to the daily updates of the features. For this package deal you will get priority confirmation of the projects within 30 minutes. Suitable for continous localization processes, for development of products that require daily updates and releases, yet accurate and consistent translations. See more
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