Clinical Trials

We at Therefore PRO cover a large variety of medical & clinical content. Clinical trial documentation contains a complex set of vocabulary and terminology which requires a specialist well-versed in the industry. From patient trial reports to clinical case studies, we are your go-to place for accurate translation services.

We can translate content related to clinical trials

The vocabulary and terms of Clinical trials are a different and complex language in their nature. That is why our professional clinical translation services cater to an accurate translation of clinical trials and research as well as medical documents and files

  • Batch Records
  • Biochemistry - Drug Composition
  • Justification Letter
  • Changes for Protocol Summary
  • Clinical Study Report
  • Clinical Reported Outcome
  • Clinical Research Protocol
  • CRF (Case Review Form)
  • CRO (Clinician Reported Outcome)
  • Clinical Trial Agreement
  • CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  • Discharge Summary
  • Doctor/Patient Transcript
  • Drug Label
  • Clinical Document
  • eClinical materials
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Clinical Marketing & Commercialization
  • Clinical Product Launch
  • Pharmacovigilance & Safety Reporting
  • COA & eCOA Solutions
We can translate content related to clinical trials
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