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Over the last 20 years the gaming market has seen booming growth all over the world. Whether it is a competitive e-sports scene, casual multiplayer or a story-rich single player experience, it has something to offer to every game lover out there. Nowadays some of the most popular games even get adapted to movies and TV-series, which in turn creates an even bigger fanbase as it brings in new faces into the world of gaming. To say that the industry is “going global” is an understatement. With such a wide user base it is only natural that the translation services for games are in huge demand. However, as with every entertainment medium, it is very important to understand your audience and pick the right words in order to connect with it. Therefore PRO will provide a dedicated gaming team that not only understands the subtleties of the subject matter and lingo, but also are passionate about games. From game newsletters and articles to user interface and in-game dialogues, we cover it all!

We translate all types of games content

Therefore’s qualified linguists have verified credentials for ensuring that all your games and videos are translated to enhance user experience on multiple platforms and in multiple languages with seamless gaming translation services as well as video game translation services.

  • Online Games
  • Game Websites
  • Mobile Games
  • Console and PC Games
  • Gaming Software
  • Gaming Controls and GUIs
  • Promotional Material
  • Gaming Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Gaming Instructions
We translate all types of games content
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